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We will be attending the TIRRENOCT hospitality trade next weekend!

Along with our commercial team in Italy, CHEF PSP, with the chef Bruno Badolato at the head of it, we will be attending the TIRRENOCT hospitality trade from 19 to 22th of February.

We are talking about one of the sector’s benchmark events, which will host a wide range of professionals related to the restoration and hospitality industry.

During the event, we will be offering showcooking sessions with our BR50 charcoal oven.

More details of the event by our social media accounts. Stay tuned!

  • Feria TIRRENOCT, CarraraFiere
  • Via Maestri del Marmo n6
  • 54036 Marina di Carrara – Italia
  • PAVELLON C Stand 660

The Timanfaya’s volcanic barbecue

Is well known that Lanzarote, one of the spanish Canarias Islands, is the synonym of fire. You can feel the heat immediataly after stepping on the land. The best way to verify this argument, however, is visiting the Timanfaya’s National Park, located in Hilario island. There, not only you can know the beauty of the natural lava fields, but also taste it.

Just as you read it. Would you like to taste a chicken cooked in a volcano? Be our guest! You will find in Lanzarote a restaurant specialised in cooking food with the heat that comes from the ground.

They can do it, thanks to an invention known as The Vulkan Grill, created by the renowned architect César Manrique. It consist basically of a pair of grills placed on a huge and deep hole of the ground. Being an area of high geothermal activity and magma, the heat rising from the bowels of the Earth is able to grill the food, placed on the grid.

Do you find this interesting? The most original barbecue you have never seen, indeed! Certainly it would be nice to try meals cooked with this technique, but if Timanfaya’s Vulkan Grill is far away from where you are, you always can use the Movilfrit Caliu BBQ; the way to cook is not so original, but the results taste wonderful!


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