Movilfrit presents their brazier ovens in El Fornet (Murcia)

Movilfrit is well known for their extensive and varied catalog of products, which are made in Spain and are addressed in the international hospitality industry. It is worth to also say that Movilfrit has a wide commercial network, which is formed by professionals with knowledge of the characteristics of each product.

With the aim of having well-formed professionals, we usually organize formation sessions. Two weeks ago, in fact, we celebrated a show cooking in Murcia, in a placed called El Fornet, a company specialized in machinery distribution for hospitality. The appointment was driven with the purpose of introducing the advantages of the ovens to the clients (the El Fornet’s commercial staff).

The event was a succes and all the assistants could learn about the operations of the brazier ovens. It should be added that El Fornet offers excellent facilities, in which are frequently organized courses and cooking workshops. They don’t only pursuit the objective of offering the best hospitality products, El Fornet also provides formation to their clients because, this way, the customers can use the machines in the most profitable way.










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