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The fryer is one of the most used equipment in a kitchen. How we can survive without a great nuggets or a crispy onion rings? That is why if you want to gain the success your establishment deserves, it is essential to have a high quality fryer ready to keep up the pace.

Moreover, Movilfrit fryers have advanced and innovating heating systems and cleaning processes that will help you to extend the oil life cycle. All Movilfrit fryers come with emptying taps to take out all food remains that may have been left in the oil without need to change it.

Ensure you a golden and crispy crisp in all your dishes and sides with the Movilfrit fryers and begin to bread successes.


Since 1962 our frying system in WATER and OIL has been the main difference from the rest of the fryers in the market and will be one of our pillars of our new fryers.

The system of WATER and OIL allows that all the waste produced from frying are deposited on the bottom of the tank where the water is. Water remains in the bottom because it is denser than oil, which is always in contact with the food. At the end of cooking service of the day, frying wastes and water are evacuated together out of the fryer through the tap.

The replacement water is poured into the fryer over the oil when it’s cold before starting service. Water descending to the bottom of the tank cleans the oil by dragging all residues accumulated in the oil. This action makes your oil last longer.

Frying with our WATER and OIL system allows you to fry different foods without mixing their flavors. When you introduce loaded basket into the oil, you can perceive how some particles are falling off, and at the same time are depositing at the bottom of the tank where the water is. This avoids overheating of these particles in the oil and its contamination.